Dirty Queer Sex Tour 2012

April 1 5pm, San Francisco at GV (with Salacious)
April 13 7pm, NYC at Bluestockings
April 22, Jamaica Plains Boston at The Midway (with In the Streets Productions)
May 2, Seattle at Babeland
May 25, 7pm, at the Pleasure Chest in LA (coproduced by Raquefella)
June 29, Charis Books in Atlanta
October 5, NYC at Happy Ending (with Ravenous Nights)
December 3, Toronto

Still possibilities, but have yet to be confirmed:
Durham, NC

Want to help me? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Dirty Queer Sex Tour 2012

    • Bo(nnie) … it would probably take some money, to be the most honest. I’d need a contract of some sort to guarantee at least the airfare to get there and the lodging, and preferably some sort of other compensation for my time on top of that. I’d be glad to see if I could pitch some universities in the area for the fall, that might be possible, which would then mean that we could do an add-on reading/event. Do you have contacts with any queer/gender/feminist groups on campuses that might be interested in bringing me? Or are you interested in helping me co-produce an event there? I’m game to come!

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