Virtual Tour April 14: The Black Leather Belt

“You know what I love best about this book? I love that it exists.… Every book is like a message in a bottle, and we cannot know upon which shores its message will wash up. Somewhere out there is a baby perv, who’s gonna find this book, and think, OMG THERE REALLY ARE PEOPLE LIKE ME AND SOMEONE THINKS WE ARE IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO PUT IN A BOOK! There are at least fifteen of them, because 23 of them wrote about it and then one of them put all the stuff between the covers of a book! And then they’ll sit there for a minute, and it’ll blow their minds when they realize, wait: there must be more than 23 of us plus me, because nobody would publish a book if only the people in it and some random nobody like me were interested.” — The Black Leather Belt


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