Great ‘Say Please’ review on BDSM Book Reviews

“This anthology is very well written. The stories are all tightly woven and fast paced. The way lesbians relate in an erotic BDSM scene is surprisingly close to m/m erotic stories, even down to calling the Top – Daddy and the bottom – boy. There were many hot scenes of strap-on sex which was a delight. These stories weren’t gentle sweet sixty-nine and cooing. Instead, the reader is treated to some rough sex with whimpering, begging and juices a dripping. Where is the signup sheet?”


Say Please on Pop My Cherry Review

“If you like kink and would enjoy reading about genuine lesbians enjoying BDSM and kink, “Say Please” stands its ground as a fantastic book in a pretty vacant genre. Not all of the stories rocked my boat, but there were definitely enough stories in this collection to make it worth re-reading again.” — Pop My Cherry Review

Virtual Tour April 25: Babeland

“I’m a fan of erotica and love readings anyway, but after reading a few of the stories in Say Please, I can hardly wait till May 2nd to hear these aloud in Babeland. This event will be HOT and SEXY for sure. I mean, Miss Indigo will be here performing and I can only hope that means reading AND stripping, but we will have to wait to see. … At first, I was planning on reading the whole book, but after I got started, I realized I wanted to savor it longer. I know there are other great stories in there just waiting for me to discover them. I’ve always been a fan of anthologies for this very reason. You can pop around the book, picking out what to taste next and when to move on. You may find something that doesn’t suit your fancy, and that’s fine, because there will surely be several others that become your next favorite one handed read. ” – Audrey at Babeland

A Leather Conversation with Sinclair Sexsmith & Sassafras Lowrey

SL: I’m so interested (again me and the stories) in those beginning journeys for folks. My beginning in leather was explicitly queer also, but sex was never a primary component. I came into leather as a gutterpunk kid where everyone was leather and sure, there was lots of sex, but the emphasis was really on the power and dynamics and exchanges.

SS: I think seeking out this sub-genre of erotica or books about sex/leather can often be the only access we have to seeing what other alternatives there are.

A Leather Conversation on Lambda Literary